People Are The Point

People Are The Point

Seth Godin - "Humans are the point"

According to the Association of Enterprise Opportunity the percentage of businesses in the United States with no formal employees, sole proprietors and partnerships accounts of 81% of all the businesses in our country.  92% of all business in the United States have less than four (4) employees!

This is us!  Small business is the driver of innovation, creativity and freedom... and this is what we are building with the Minnesota Craft Collective.  

The point of what we are building is PEOPLE.  Minnesota Craft Collective is here as a resource and outlet that connects like minded people who want high quality, life enhancing products/services from high quality small businesses.  We believe there is a better way to do business, to do business in a way that never forgets that People Are The Point!

Announcement:  We are proud to announce the final two locations for our Fall/Winter 2023 shows are set:  Fox Hollow Golf Club in St. Michael, Minnesota (November 2023 date TBD) and Pebble Creek Golf Club in Becker, Minnesota (Novmeber 2023 date TBD).  


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