What we do...

The Minnesota Craft Collective specializes in curating FUN small business events that provide shoppers direct access to local artisans, crafters, businesses and freelancers.

20+ years of experience planning events and developing small businesses. Small group of entrepreneurs looking to create stronger community connections by bringing people together to share their talents with others and get feedback to grow as professionals.

  • Premium Experience

    We partner with great vendors and great venues who believe in supporting local businesses to produce unique opportunities for local shoppers to engage with talented makers and unique businesses.

  • Atmosphere

    Food + Beverage is available at all of our venues. Sharing a meal and shopping is a great way to share experiences and spend your time getting some gifts and discovering new crafting ideas!

  • Vendor Commitment

    We ensure all vendors have a nice space to professionally display their products and programs. By keeping our events small we also limited the numbers of vendors per category to offer vendors a real opportunity to connect with interested shoppers and develop their skills.