Vendor Spotlight: Jamie Donndelinger, Scentsy Consultant

Vendor Spotlight: Jamie Donndelinger, Scentsy Consultant


My name is Jamie Donndelinger and have been with Scentsy for over four years. I started with Scentsy as I needed a second source of income to help pay off debt due to going from two incomes to just myself.

Why did you start?

What started out as income/debt reasons has grown to me discovering a passion for connecting people through fragrance.  I find myself remembering childhood memories of baking with my grandmother when I smell Vanilla Bean Buttercream melting in a warmer. It is so powerful and comforting.

Why Scentsy?

I love the core values Scentsy is known for and strive to live them everyday.

Scentsy Core Values...

  • Simplicity. It's the uncomplicated path that defines us.
  • Authenticity. If it's not real, it's not us.
  • Generosity. We strive to give more than we take.

My favorite is Simplicity. I love helping people find logical solutions to help them connect to a fragrance. Meeting new people and helping them find that special scent and delivery system, is why I love participating in vendor/craft events. Stop by and say hi!  I am looking forward to meeting you.

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